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f1000mm and f500mm,
Long Focal 33x Motorized Zoom Lens

Suitable for high-end applications such as surveillance of border, harbor, and disaster


Reduce color aberration and produce the sharp image by ED glass
Standard glass Standard glass ED glass ED glass


Model No. PH33X30RGE PH33X16HS RGE
Maximum compatible sensor 1/2
Focal length f30〜1000mm f16〜528mm
F No. 1:4.5 1:2.4
Range of iris 4.5〜560 2.4〜560
Mount C
Angle of view (1/2”) 11.8°X8.8°〜0.38°X0.28° 22.0°X16.6°〜0.7°X0.5°
Angle of view (1/3”) 8.8°X6.6°〜0.28°X0.21° 16.6°X12.5°〜0.5°X0.4°
Operation Zoom Remote
Focus Remote
Iris Video auto iris
M.O.D. 3m
Filter pitch M112  P=1.0
Weight 3,000g 2,800g
Dimension cctv_en02_1 cctv_en02_2

○Please ask for DC iris type.

○Preset type with potentiometer is added “PZF” at the end of model No.