09 Image Sensing Show, Pacifico Yokohama, Japan
June 10 - 12th
IFSEC 2009, Birmingham, UK
May 11 - 14th
Vision 2009, Stuttgart, Germany
November 3 - 5th

We design, develop, and manufacture optical component such as lens, prism, and illumination for machine vision.
Our goal is to provide the best product which meet customer's requirement for machine vision application.
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Myutron Inc.
3-31-14, Nishikoiwa, Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo, 133-0057, Japan
TEL. +81-3-5612-1884  FAX. +81-3-5612-1890

Vari Focal Telecentric Lens-WD
Mega Pixel Telecentric Lens
WD40 Built-in type Telecentric lens series
WD65 Built-in type Telecentric lens series
WD110 Built-in type Telecentric lens series
WD220 Built-in type Telecentric lens series
Telecentric lens for φ17mm micro-head camera
Telecentric lens for φ12mm micro-head camera
Telecentric lens for 5 Mega Pixel

High resolution lenses for line scan CCDs
Macro lenses for Line CCDs
Super High Resolusion of 3.5x Lens for 8K/12K Line Scan Camera
Super High Resolusion Lens for 8K/12K Line Scan Camera
Line Scan Lenses for Large Field of View

Compact Macrozoom lenses
Low magnification lens with coaxial illumination
Macro Zoom Lens with 4:1 zoom ratio
High Resolution Mashinevision Lens for 5 Mega Pixel

Mega pixel low distortion CCTV lens
Mega pixel CCTV lens for UV
CCTV lens
CCTV lens for 1" CCD camera

250W Metal Halide Light Source
500W Xenon Light Source
Halogen Lamp Lighting System
IR Light Source
UV Light Source

Lod Type Line Light Guide
Light Guide for high intensity light source
Multi-constituent glass fiber
Condenser Lenses
Quartz light guide
Condenser lens for quarts light guide

Lighting of Co-axial Spot
Lighting of Co-axial Vertical Illuminating
Lighting of Dome
Lighting of Line Sensor
Lighting of Angle-shaped Lighting-tilting
Lighting of Direct Dome
Lighting of Direct Ring
Lighting of Low Angle Direct Ring
Lighting of Shadowless Ring
Edge Light Luminescence
Lighting of Chip LED Surface Luminescence
Lighting of Ultraviolet
Lighting of Infrared
Power Supply of Pulse Light-regulating
Power Supply of Digital Light-regulating
Stroboscope power supply
Trigger Controller for SAG power Supply

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