• MDGC series

Digital pulse dimmer power supply




Model Input Voltage (V) Output voltage Capacity (W) Channels Mass (g) Dimensions
MDGC-30M2-***** AC100-240V DC12V 30 2CH 700
MDGC-30M4-***** 4CH 1000
MDGC-30M8-***** 8CH
MDGC-50M2-***** 50 2CH 1200
MDGC-50M4-***** 4CH
MDGC-50M8-***** 8CH
MDGC-100M2-***** 100 2CH 1300
MDGC-100M4-***** 4CH
MDGC-100M8-***** 8CH
MDGC-30M2-24-***** DC24V 30 2CH 700
MDGC-30M4-24-***** 4CH 1000
MDGC-30M8-24-***** 8CH
MDGC-50M2-24-***** 50 2CH 1200
MDGC-50M4-24-***** 4CH
MDGC-50M8-24-***** 8CH
MDGC-100M2-24-***** 100 2CH 1300
MDGC-100M4-24-***** 4CH
MDGC-100M8-24-***** 8CH
MDGC-50M2-24-*****-T DC24V 46 2CH 700
MDGC-150M4-24-*****-T 144 4CH 1000
MDGC-150M8-24-*****-T 8CH

Dimmer method Approx. 125kHz PWM control
External control External ON/OFF, external dimmer
Protective function Overcurrent protection, fan abnormal

Communication protocol TCP/IP
Compliance IEEE802.3(10BASE-T)、IEEE802.3u(100BASE-TX)
Transmission speed 10Mbps(10BASE-T)、100Mbps(100BASE-TX)
Connection ports 4 ports
Functions Auto MDI/MDIX、Auto Negotiation

Communication protocols RS-232C/RS-485
Baud rate 19200bps
Data 8bit
Parity bit Even parity
Stop bit 1bit

● ***** in model number is for the external control type code.
• TP/PI: LAN communication / 8 bit parallel communication switch type
• S2/PI: RS-232C communication / 8 bit parallel communication switch type
• S4/VI: RS-485 communication / Analog 0-5V switch type
● Depending on number of channels, dimensions and number of lighting connectors will vary.
● DC24V output specification has different dimensions and connector shape.
● For the external control cable, refer to External Control Cable.