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  • LSF Series

High Resolution and
Wide View Lens for
Area and Line Scan Camera

Excellent relative illumination High resolution at whole working distance



Model Focal length

∞ F No.

Range of WD Magnification at MOD Optical distortion Maximum
Compatible sensor
Mount Dimension
LSF2528-F 25mm 2.8 140mm〜∞ 0.15x 0.66% φ44mm F en_13_01
LSF3528-F 35mm 2.8 230mm〜∞ 0.15x -0.31% φ44mm F en_13_02
LSF5028-F 50mm 2.8 190mm〜∞ 0.3x -0.40% φ44mm F en_13_03

○Indicated specifications are design value.


Model No. for Different Mount
Model Compatible Camera

Screw Pitch

Back Focal Distance
LSF □□□□-V58 SVS: SVCam-HR M58 (P=0.75) 11.48mm
LSF □□□□-TFLⅡ Toshiba  M48 (P=0.75)  17.5mm
LSF □□□□-B42 Basler M42 (P=1) 16mm
LSF □□□□-B42/2 Basler M42 (P=0.75) 16mm
LSF □□□□-V42 SVS M42 ( P=1) 11.48mm
LSF □□□□-S42 Sentech,  Baumer M42 ( P=1) 10mm
LSF □□□□-D42 Dalsa: Spyder 3 M42 ( P=1) 6.56mm

○Customized mount is also available. Please contact us for further information.