Myutron (hereafter, we) establish the policy to account and protect the user’s personal information as follows, and do implementation of a policy and continual improvement of maintenance.
We obey a decree about personal information protection and other models.


1.Personal information

“Personal information” is the information to a personal information protection law in this private policy. The details of this information is the name, the address, the telephone number, e-mail address and something it is possible to distinguish a specific individual from. (It can be checked with other information easily and something it will be possible to distinguish a more specific individual from.)


2.Collection of personal information

In case, we collect personal information, we assume the purpose to use before hand or publish it.


3.Using cookies

The user can refuse to use our cookies by invalidating cookies by setting of a browser.
However, the user must consider to be occurred any defect when the user confirm the using condition of each services.


4. Using purpose of personal information

We assume that we use the personal information collected from the user for the following purpose.

  1. In case, we answer each question and consultation from the user.
  2. In case, we send the quotation, invoice and any documents requested from the user.
  3. In case, we announce the information of the products, the exhibition and so on.


5. The offer of personal information to a third person

We assume that we do not disclose or offer collected personal information to a third person based on a personal information protection law and an administrative scrivener act.
However, we have the following exception.

  1. In case of disclosure is admitted by a decree.
  2. In case of disclosure could be asked by a decree.
  3. In case, it is difficult to gain one’s own consent for protection of the life or property.
  4. In case, disclosure could be asked from public institution such as the police, the prosecution, a courthouse and a consumer center.


6.The management of personal information

We assume that we manage personal information strictly based on a personal information protection law and an administrative scrivener act and make an effort toward maintaining confidentiality.
However, we do not guarantee to do at all to the user about the case that a leak of information, disappearance and garble by others are prevented perfectly.


7. Inquiry by the user

In case, we could ask inquiry of personal information, correction, addition, delete, suspension of use or erasure by the user, we perform identity verification.
Further, in case, we judge that an inquiry is from the person himself, we assume that we shall respond to the inquiry within a reasonable period of time.


8.Change of the using purpose

We assume that the change in this privacy policy such as the using purpose of personal information and management shall take effect as soon as we carried a private policy after change on this site.


9. Immunity from responsibility

In all cases, we do not shoulder responsibility if an acquisition of personal information by a third person corresponds to as follows:

  1. In case, the user discloses the personal information to a third person using the function of this site or the different means.
  2. In case, the user confirmed about the acquisition of the personal information of the third person.
  3. In case, personal information was acquired from the other sites which are a link destination in this site.


We do not shoulder responsibility at all about privacy protection in a website in a link destination on this site. We assume that the user visits in his responsibility to a link destination.



Please contact us concerning to the inquiry of private policy.

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