• MKR・MKR-F series

Diffusion plate for ring lighting / MKR&MKR-F





Model Applicable lighting
MKR-32/10-80  MDR-32/10
MKR-38/15-80  MDR-38/15
MKR-38/12-80  MDR-38/15
MKR-40/25-80 MDR-40/25
MKR-40/21-80  MDR-40/25
MKR-42/18-80  MDR-42/18
MKR-50/28-80 MDR-50/28
MKR-50/24-80 MDR-50/28
MKR-66/36-80 MDR-66/36
MKR-66/32-80 MDR-66/36
MKR-70/39-80 MDR-70/39
MKR-70/35-80 MDR-70/39
MKR-90/50-80 MDR-90/50
MKR-90/46-80  MDR-90/50
MKR-110/60-80 MDR-110/60
MKR-110/56-80  MDR-110/60
MKR-140/95-80  MDR-140/95
MKR-140/91-80 MDR-140/95

* The above models have 80% transmittance. 90% transmittance has -90 at the end of the model number. -60 for 60%, -30 for 30%.