• MJS series

Small multi-channel strobe power supply for LAN




Model Channels Connection lighting capacity
(power consumption)
MJS-30M2-TP 2CH 15W×2: Total 30W
MJS-30M3-TP 3CH 10W×3: Total 30W
MJS-30M4-TP 4CH 10W×2、5W×2: Total 30W
MJS-30M6-TP 6CH 5W×6: Total 30W


Input Voltage (V) AC 100 to 240V
Operating frequency 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC12〜36V (256 gradient variable output voltage)
Pulse width setting 10μsec to 990μsec
Trigger signal Synchronous lighting function (internal/external switching)
Trigger response speed Approximate 1μS
Internal lighting 50Hz fixed
External dimming function LAN communication
Variable delay 0 to 5,000μS range in 1μS intervals
(external control mode only)
Other Interlock function, Overcurrent protection function