• XLS Series

Line Sensor Lens for Large Image Circle, φ90mm

Compatible with large image circle, up to φ90mm sensor



Model Magnification ∞FNO F No. WD OI Maximum
Compatible sensor
XLS03 0.3x 4.7 6.0 477mm 666mm φ90mm en_07_01
XLS05 0.5x 4.7 7.0 324mm 540mm φ90mm en_07_02
XLS075 0.75x 4.7 8.1 246mm 491mm φ90mm en_07_03
XLS10 1.0x 4.7 9.0 197mm 465mm φ90mm en_07_04
XLS14 1.4x 4.7 11.4 170mm 494mm φ90mm en_07_05
XLS20 2.0x 4.7 14.5 146mm 540mm φ90mm en_07_06

○Indicated specifications are design values.


Example : Model No . of Mount
Model Compatible Camera Screw Pitch Frange Back Dimension
XLS□□□-F F Mount Camera F Mount 46.5mm en_07_07
XLS□□□-E TELEDYNE e2V M95( P=1) 9.4mm en_07_13
XLS□□□-DX TELEDYNE DALSA M90(P=1) 12mm  
XLS□□□-Q NED M84.5(P=0.5) 41mm en_07_08
XLS□□□-N NED  M72(P=0.75) 31.8mm en_07_09
XLS□□□-M TELEDYNE DALSA M72(P=0.75) 19.55mm en_07_10
XLS□□□-D TELEDYNE DALSA M72(P=0.75) 12mm  
XLS□□□-VW VIEW WORKS M72(P= 0.75) 10.48mm  
XLS□□□-H TELEDYNE DALSA M72(P= 0.75) 6.56mm en_07_12

○±0.05x can be adjusted from the standard magnification by using the mount mentioned above.

○Customized mount is also available. Please contact us for further information.