• MKBA series

Diffusion plate for bar lighting / MKBA




Model Applicable lighting
MKBA-11/14-80 MDBA-C11/14
MKBA-15/26-80 MDBA-C15/26
MKBA-25/25-80 MDBA-C25/25
MKBA-50/15-80 MDBA-C50/15
MKBA-27/34-80 MDBA-C27/34
MKBA-100/11-80 MDBA-C100/11
MKBA-100/15-80 MDBA-C100/15
MKBA-140/11-80  MDBA-C140/11
MKBA-132/15-80 MDBA-C132/15
MKBA-72/24-80  MDBA-C72/24
MKBA-50/50-80 MDBA-C50/50
MKBA-70/75-80 MDBA-C70/75
MKBA-100/100-80  MDBA-C100/100
MKBA-15/200-80  MDBA-C15/200
MKBA-185/30-80  MDBA-C185/30
MKBA-300/24-80  MDBA-C300/24

* The above models have 80% transmittance. 90% transmittance has -90 at the end of the model number. -60 for 60%, -30 for 30%.