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  • IR series

Infrared illumination




Model Color Power Consumption (W) SAG* Dimensions
MMAR-80IR-850 IR 7 BC sMAR-80
MDR-50/28IR-850 IR 2.2 DC sMDR-50_28cmn
MDR-90/50IR-850 IR 4.4 DD sMDR-90_50cmn
MDHM-32/32IR-850T IR 1.0 FF sMDHM-32_32cmnT
MDHM-62/62IR-850T IR 3.9 FF sMDHM-62_62cmnT
MIDHM-122/122IR-850T IR 15.4 FF sMDHM-122_122MR-850T
MHVB-24IR-850 IR sMHVB-24MR-850
MHVB-24IR-940 IR sMHVB-24MR-850
MFV-C40IR-850 IR 1.7 97 sMFV-C40cmn
MDBA-C50/15IR-850 IR 1.5 DC sMDBA-C50_15cmn
MDBA-C72/24IR-850 IR 2.4 98 sMDBA-C72_24cmn
MDBA-C132/15IR-850 IR 3.9 DD sMDBA-C132_15cmn

● We can also make shapes that are same as for visible light illumination, in addition to the above.
● Input voltage is DC12V, but we can also make DC24V products.
* SAG is the maximum voltage setting for a SAG power supply. See details here.