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  • MDBA-LE series

High Power Bar Light




Model Color Power Consumption (W) Input Voltage (V)
MDBA-LE75□-■ R W B G Y IR UV 4.5 12
MDBA-LE150□-■ R W B G Y IR UV 9.0
MDBA-LE225□-■ R W B G Y IR UV 13.5
MDBA-LE300□-■ R W B G Y IR UV 18.0
MDBA-LE375□-■ R W B G Y IR UV 22.5
MDBA-LE450□-■ R W B G Y IR UV 27.0
MDBA-LE600□-■HV R W B G Y IR UV 36.0 24
MDBA-LE750□-■HV R W B G Y IR UV 45.0
MDBA-LE900□-■HV R W B G Y IR UV 54.0
MDBA-LE1050□-■HV R W B G Y IR UV 63.0
MDBA-LE1200□-■HV R W B G Y IR UV 72.0

● S = wide angle light distribution type, L = narrow-angle light distribution type, in ☐ of the model number.
● Color is in  of model number (R = Red, W = White, B = Blue, G = Green, Y = Yellow, IR-850 = Infrared, UV-400 = Ultraviolet).
● The standard diffusion plate included is 90%. 80% or 60% can be attached as options.
● Can also attach a polarization plate.
* SAG is the maximum voltage setting for a SAG power supply. See details here.


SAG Settings Values

Model R W G B Y IR UV
MDBA-LE75□-■ C7 8B 9B 90 8E CB 7F
MDBA-LE150□-■ C9 8D 9D 92 8F CD 80
MDBA-LE225□-■ CA 8E 9E 94 90 CE 82
MDBA-LE300□-■ CC 90 A0 95 92 D0 83
MDBA-LE375□-■ CD 91 A1 97 93 D1 85
MDBA-LE450□-■ CF 93 A3 98 94 D3 87