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WD240 High Magnification Telecentric Lens for Long WD

Suitable for vacuum chamber, working environment in high temperature, etc.., required for long WD



Model Magnification F No. Object side NA WD OI Depth of field Resolution TV distortion Maximum
Compatible sensor
TL40C-240 4x 28.6 0.07 239mm 450.0mm 0.14mm 4.8μ 0.22% 2/3  en_39_01
TL60C-240 6x 42.9 0.07 239mm 470.6mm 0.1mm 4.8μ 0.0% 2/3  en_39_02

○Indicated specifications are design values. ○For C mount ○Resolution indicates a theoretical resolution at a wavelength of 550nm. ○Depth of field is calculating assuming a horizontal 320 TV resolution using 1/2 inch camera (permissible circle of confusion 40μ).